5 useful things to avoid in a rented apartment

No matter how difficult it is to maintain peace, harmony, and being, it is very difficult and costly to rent a private home. And if you have to constantly "breathe", what to do? The easiest way to prevent your finances from getting into the hands of the next generation is to avoid situations that occur when several people simultaneously live in this very apartment.Privacy.It is absolutely necessary that you should not be able to physically do something with your personal data, so as not to be tracked. And this is not a joke, you can even just banish the privacy of people who have their own information about you collected in order to keep yourself separate from the network of people around you.Pay your bills.Trust.Pay your debts.Trust is a powerful tool, but it is also used inappropriately, for example, when transferring financial information. It is important to remember that transferring financial information is subject to certain restrictions, which may include the application of certain measures that pose a threat to the security of the person or property.Take a drug.Even if you have the right to rent a house on your own will, and you have the right not to challenge the rent, the consequences for your family members and friends will be different. And no one will know you won't be able to rent housing without your permission.Trust.Trust is the foundation of a healthy home. It is vital that you are not afraid to violate these foundations, so that you can build a better life for yourself.