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Internship Programme

For Practical Hands on Experience in Waste Management

Internship Program

The internship program is a structured program that is set to educate young and brilliant minds of different background ranging from environmental sciences, Accounting, Architecture, Engineering, Environmental sciences to mention a few.

The programme would enroll applicants from the ages of 18-28. This program will give these young people an opportunity to have a practical experience on waste management. The program will cover different sub sectors of Waste Management such as Data Collection and Entry, Accounting, Fleet management, waste financing/economics, Waste Recycling etc.

Interns will be trained to execute some waste management tasks.

In addition, the interns will also learn general corporate practices like office etiquette, reporting, time management etc. and they will also be exposed to networking especially within the waste management industry

This program is a stepping stone for interns to grow in the Corporate World and enhance their employability afterwards.

  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Interested applicants must be between ages 18-28
  • Must be ready to commit one(1) month to the programme

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